Vybrané reference pacientů

Vybrané reference pacientů

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Anita a David Sheedy z Irska

Anita a David Sheedy z Irska

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Anica a Alex - Německo

Anica a Alex - Německo

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Dear Dr Hana,

We do not have enough words to express our joy, anxiousness and nervousness all together. Well the beta-HCG report from day before show 900 value which means I am positively and definitely pregnant. :) P. and me, we both feel highly elated by support and concern of you and your whole staff and wish to thank you and your team for endless cooperation and concern they had for us. I would like to confess that I have gone through many fertility treatments earlier but this one was undoubtedly the simplest and easiest one as compared to all others. Dr. Hana, your excellence in therapy, sincere counseling, conviction and procedural command was something we both really appreciate. Knowing our complicated history you know that we are still fearful and always hoping and praying that it goes smooth to be a successful one. We wanted to thank you at our first achievement and we would keep informing you of each milestone we cross in this pregnancy. Thankyou! Regards, T. and P. M.,Germany


My other half and I needed a little help to build our family. While at a conception meeting in our city, we heard very positive comments from a couple who had been successful at conceiving with an egg donation thanks to CUBE ivf. The personalised, serious, understanding and gentle way we were dealt with in our correspondence, the guarantees offered convinced us this was the right clinic for us. We were successful at our first ivf and had a beautiful and healthy son born end of 2014 in a natural birth. I used drug free methods and the power of mind for preparation and as pain relief, enhancing the experience of birth and bounding. The whole experience was amazing. Now in our home, you can hear baby cooing noises and giggles, our happiness is complete and joy palpable. We have some blastocysts in cryopreservation and we will probably come back later. The only regret we have is not having done it earlier. Thank you IVF Cube for your professionalism. We are forever grateful to our little star who helped us conceiving. She will be in our thoughts always. I hope the whole team is proud for this success story! We are very happy.

Dear Cube Team,

Firstly thank you so much for all of your care, kindness and professionalism when myself and my husband came to Cube recently - you and your team could not have been more welcoming or more lovely to us - and I will never forget that. Danielle S.


Just to let you know that our beautiful son was born in December. He is healthy and well and is 5 weeks old today. We also wanted to say a huge thank you to Hannah and all the staff at the Cube for making our dreams come true. We appreciate all the help and support you have given us over the last few years and wish you continued success. Regards, Michelle

To everyone at Cube,

We wanted to tell you that our boy/girl twins were delivered by C section on 15th December! My husband and I have so much to be grateful for. The twins are happy, healthy and thriving and a source of great joy to us both. Before taking the decision to go for a donor egg approach with Cube, we felt we had tried everything and thought that our options had run out. It wasn't an easy decision but we are so glad now! We wanted to thank you and all of the medical and support /administrative staff at Cube for the small miracle that happened for us and resulted in our two beautiful children. Thank you to the entire team for your expertise, professionalism and support throughout. Please pass this email on to everyone involved at Cube. We couldn't be happier and feel very, very blessed. All the best for the future. Lucy R.

Hi Dr Hana,

I just want to let you know I delivered a healthy and beautiful baby boy (weighing 7lb 2oz) on the 2nd August 2015....Words will never describe what you have done for David and I. We are so happy to have continued our long and heartbreaking IVF journey with Cube. It was all worth it! Thank you so much, Dr Hana, Renata and all your team at Cube for all you have done for our little family. We plan on seeing you again very soon. David, Anita and Baby David

Oh my Goodness Dr Hana

- IT'S POSITIVE!!!!!!!! Oh I just can't BELIEVE it!! You and your team are miracle workers!! And our lovely donor, we are thinking of her too and sending her grateful and Happy thoughts. I am literally flying on a cloud here!! We were waiting 20 years for our daughter before we found the Cube and had our Gorgeous little girl! And now with another little one on the way our family is complete and very Happy. I will come down to earth at some stage teehee!! I am well and healthy and all is looking good. We would never have gotten our dreams without you, Dr Hana and The Cube Team. Thank you thank you Dr Hana. Yours, E.R.

Dear Cube Team,

In December last year, we came to your clinic for the first time to receive IVF treatment. We now have the most beautiful 15 week old son, who has completely changed our lives for the better. We are still so overwhelmed and grateful for everything that has happened. We have been thinking about you all this week especially and want once again to say a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Hana and all the wonderful team at Cube. We do not have enough words to express how happy we are. We hope to visit Prague again some day soon and will call in to introduce you to our most precious little miracle! Many thanks to you all and a very happy Christmas to each of you. Warmest wishes, A.

Dear Dr Hana,

I have the pleasure of being able to say Thanks to you and your team for getting me pregnant for a second time. Our Cube twins were born last Tuesday October 27th by elective c section. They are boy/girls twins and are perfectly healthy. Our boy Emil was born first weighing 6lb 9oz (3kg) and our girl Felice weighed 5lb 8oz (2.5kg). Thank you so much for our beautiful family. A few years ago we struggled to see how we would get one baby after 3 failed cycles and now we have 3 perfect children thanks to IVF Cube. You are an amazing team and myself and my husband thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. From Nina and Michal C.

Dear IVF Team at CUBE,

thanks so much for your treatment (it worked!!!) and support &service. I am forever greatful. I enjoyed a great, complication free pregnancy and J. arrived on his due date! Greeting H.

WB, age 45, lives in USA

We want to share that we received extraordinary care at Prague's IVF Cube. As an American, I learned about Cube through some of the fertility blogs with which I have had a love-hate relationship over four prior cycles done locally. This time, the blogs really helped me, as I learned of Cube's outstanding success rates, high standards, and creative protocols. I researched a number of Czech clinics, following my inspiration from the blogs, and found Cube to be the best for us. Costs are very favorable compared to those associated with treatment in the US, and the range of treatments is vast. My husband and I were able to do all the initial work from home, by email and phone. A phone consultation with a doctor early on was very useful and resulted in a protocol quite different from what I had tried in the US. The protocol was adjusted along the way based on my response, as evident through local monitoring done at my home clinic. While obtaining medications in the States meant having the prescriptions re-written by my local doctor, everything else was handled by Cube's staff, all of whom communicate beautifully in English and are very thoughtful in their approach. Our Coordinator Michaela instilled great confidence in us. Despite a six-hour time difference, sending a question via email in the morning always resulted in a same-day response, and I got to know Michaela as a friend and as someone who really cares. I did not feel alone during any part of the treatment, as Michaela was just an email transmission away. When we arrived for our transfer, we were fortunate to have Dr. Hana whose skill is renowned and whose gentle nature was evident to us right away. Having been helped along the way by other doctors at Cube, I am confident that they are all very talented. However, Dr. Hana founded Cube, and her dedication to patients was evident in the way she and her colleagues have set up the clinic with state-of-the-art air changers in the operating theater, with technology such as the Embryoscope, and more. From early contact to our time in Prague to after-care now that we are back home, we could not be more impressed... or more successful. Our thanks goes to Cube. WB and EB, United States

Story from a CUBE graduate

To all the doubting Thomas’s out there, I tell you I was once one of you. I heard about Egg Donation a very long time ago, when I planned to donate eggs myself, but when it came time to consider a treatment, my thoughts were - it’s just a game, a con, and an expensive one at that. My background? I already had 6 children of my own, my ovaries, eggs and uterus had worked just fine. All of my children were normal, with no genetic issues. I had previously volunteered to donate my own eggs as far back as 1998, but I was pregnant at the time, and so it fell through. I still longed for another baby, and when my eggs finally proved too tired and stubborn to make this happen, I decided to take the leap of faith to technology. My advancing maternal age meant I could not do the process in London, and so I looked overseas. My first point of call was a very large institute in Spain where I stood in line as part of a steam driven fertility conveyor belt. The treatment was cripplingly expensive, and when the transfer failed, I left feeling financially overwhelmed, but also very let down by the clinic personnel, who showed no concern for their failed cycles. I made a trip to a less expensive clinic in Northern Cyprus where I was assured I was getting a ‘bargain’. Beware, there is no such thing in this game. Upon arriving at the clinic, no one spoke English, hygiene was suspect, more worryingly the doctor had no paperwork, no records of the donor treatment, no ultrasounds, no report. The whole transfer was done on a spurious degree of trust. But…I was shown an image of a very pretty girl! It was lamentable, and such a mistake that I went back once more to the Spanish clinic where I felt they were comparatively better organised. I waited 7 months for donor matching. By now there were significant changes: the personnel had changed, the infrastructure ‘glitzed up’, the human element (in thin supply before) had now vanished: Cash-cow, please come in, we will let you know what we will do, no explanation will be given. Ask no questions. We are the experts. This whole treatment ran with a huge sense of foreboding for me, as I was now well versed in fertility knowledge, research papers on beta doubling times, blastocysts success rates, and most importantly, criteria which make for good donor success. They promised me a success rate of around 85% on the transfer. Arriving for transfer, I was treated as a real nuisance, just for asking how many embryos had made it to day 5. I was not allowed to speak to a Director or anyone except a co-coordinator, and it was not the co-ordinator who had been in communication with me for 7 months. It was a lady I’d never met, one lacking compassion and without empathy. Despite assuring me prior to travel, that all 7 embryos were great, I found suddenly that 2 mediocre blastocysts would be transferred, and the remaining 2 put in observation (what happened to the other 3, I had no idea?). ‘Observation’ on day 5 is an alarm bell, as - not being sufficiently developed or good quality for vitrification - means they are probably failing or have ‘arrested’, most likely due to highly aneuploidy (abnormality of the chromosomes). They then told me none of the embryos transferred were graded, which set more bells clanging. After sitting in a hard chair in the cold for 2 hours being completely ignored, the co-ordinator finally spoke to the embryologist (not in English, which excluded me from all knowledge), who pointedly refused to classify either the transferred or remaining embryos. In an attempt to shoo me out of the clinic, I was told transferred embryos were A and B grade, and the remaining ones D and E and not fit for freezing. I was given no report, saw no images, and they refused to tell me anything about the donor. All of this was a very bad omen. I left worried, but still hopeful. Being well read on betas, and research papers, I knew what I was hoping for in the numbers. Although I got a positive beta, the numbers soon stopped doubling at the correct rate (+/- 48 hours at the beginning) to a final doubling time in my case, of 840 hours (35 days). Classically this was the marker of a highly aneuploidy embryo. It was a total disaster. This pregnancy failure was not mine, I had become a victim of a badly run laboratory and clinic of questionable practise. The Director had even counselled me for a triplet pregnancy, and possible fetal reduction at the transfer. He had seen what my embryos looked like (morphologically) and even a novice embryologist could have taken a guess they weren’t top quality. After the pregnancy completely failed at around 6 weeks, I finally received information about the donor; she was almost 35, the oldest donor on their books, and they had completely overruled my request for a young healthy donor. Subsequent CGH analysis of the fetal content proved it was a Trisomy 3 fetus, which would not have even made 12 weeks gestation. I had ended up with a success probability of zero. From a good blastocyst I felt I would probably have had a live birth. I was distraught, financially blown away, and in disbelief. This was NOT going to happen to me again!! It was now Christmas and I had to try and keep a grip on myself, appear happy for my lovely children, whilst reeling from the nonchalant Merry-go-round attitude of this clinic. Almost ready to give up, but being extremely tenacious, I further discussed the recent disaster with a friend in a holistic clinic in London (Zita West Clinic, London). She mentioned that they had recently started working with a new fertility clinic in Prague, and they reported great success. All 7 of the ladies they sent, were pregnant, mainly on first attempt, and a good number with twins. I needed nothing more than the phone number. This is CUBE. Welcome to a world which is different from everything you have previously experienced. In total contrast to the other clinics I visited, this was run from the top by a practitioner of excellence, who plainly has a customer driven desire to be a clinical leader. In short Hana Visnova is the creator of miracles. Her hand-picked team share the same ethos, putting customers first in a business like – but compassionate and caring – way. Having completed paperwork, I travelled for an initial consultation, at which I left with a bag of medication, and renewed trust in fertility medicine. I went home and waited for donor matching. Six weeks later I had had my transfer, and was ecstatic to be pregnant once more. I knew basic details about the donor, important to me was phenotype match and blood compatibility, as I am rhesus negative. Above everything else, I trusted them as a clinic. They had excellent communications. To go for Donor Egg is a very personal and highly emotive decision. My partner was against the concept for quite some time. I was more pragmatic – I saw it as an inventive way of beating the clock. If your eggs don’t work, if you have Repeated Implantation Failure (RIF), if age is against you, Donor Egg is a logical and sensible step to take, rather than pursuing endlessly cycle after cycle of Own Egg IVF, and watching your hopes die each time. I would also recommend genetic testing, with a FISH minimum, but CGH is supposed to be best as it checks all the chromosomes. It is of course expensive, but more likely to give you your happy ending. I have since sent a friend through a 3rd party to Cube, and she gives birth within a few weeks after 8 years of primary infertility. CUBE went above and beyond the call of what was necessary, and I can only thank them from the bottom of my heart. There is not a day when I don’t look at my daughter, and thank God that I had the courage to jump ship, into the unknown, and discover there are special places in the world, in this business. After the rain comes the rainbow. This child you see in your dreams, she can be a reality, if you dare to try... If you would like to ask a question of this patient, we would be happy to forward your inquiry to her. Please contact IVF CUBE.

Yo Dr. Hana and all the team at IVF Cube,

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2014. A. is almost 10 months now and doing great. She is a very good and pleasant baby and has 2 teeth now! She has brought so much joy to us and our families and we are all looking forward to her first Christmas. We have started saving to try and get her a little brother or sister so please keep up the good work there :-) We hope you all have a lovely Christmas from Susan, Charly & A.

G. from England

We would both like to thank you all very, very much for all the help, kindness and support from you all during our journey to get and stay pregnant. If it wasn't for your help we would not be here today. Thankfully I had no major problems during my pregnancy, apart from the dreadful swollen feet during the summer heat! My very special and miracle twins were born last week, hope you will see them. We can not thank you enough!!! Life could not get better for us, it really is amazing, we can't stop admiring them and kissing them, our babies are absolutely magnificent. We both really appreciate how lucky and blessed we are to have two incredible angels. Thank you all for absolutely everything. Our beautiful babies arrived in to this wonderful world in 10/2013 After 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I had an emergency C-section. A gorgeous little girl arrived first, then a beautiful little boy arrived. We are absolutely and totally in love with our amazing babies, so happy and content. They are really calm and fabulous babies. Thank you so much again, from the bottom of our hearts.

Dear Hana,

Thank you for finding a way to make our dreams come true. L.& M.

CUBE Team,

"Unsere Tochter ist nun auf die Welt gekommen. Sie ist ein wunderschönes, süßes und witziges Baby! Sie ist sehr zufrieden, absolut pflegeleicht vom ersten Tag an und macht uns unheimlich glücklich. Sie ist auch absolut gesund und wir sind so verliebt in sie. Mein Partner und ich bedanken uns noch einmal ganz herzlich bei Ihnen, Frau Dr. Visnova, Frau Dr. Hüttelova, und dem ganzen restlichem Team. Sie arbeiten so professionell und zudem so herzlich, dass wir uns bei Ihnen immer sehr wohl gefühlt haben. Auch die Kommunikation zwischen uns, liebe Frau Cervena, hat immer so gut geklappt. Das war sehr beruhigend für mich. Wenn es möglich ist, würde uns sehr daran liegen, dass Frau Dr. Visnova unserer lieben Spenderin noch einmal sagt, wie dankbar wir für ihre Spende sind und sie uns damit sehr glücklich gemacht hat."

Sehr geehrte Frau Dr. Visnova,

Ich danke Ihnen ganz vielmals nicht nur für Ihre freundliche Nachricht, sondern vor allem auch für die hervorragende und fürsorgliche Betreuung. Wir fühlen uns bei Ihnen sehr wohl und sind froh, bei Ihnen in Behandlung zu sein. Alles Gute für Sie und freundliche Grüße, Fam M.

Liebe Frau Dr. Višňová,

wie Sie schon wissen, war der Schwangerschaftstest positiv. Gestern waren wir beim Frauenarzt und ich bin nun heute 6 Wochen und 2 Tage schwanger. Man konnte den Herzschlag sehen und der Arzt hat gesagt, alles sieht gut aus. Von zwei Embryos hat sich eines festgebissen :) Auch wenn es noch nicht überstanden ist und ich noch sehr viel vor mir habe, hat es gezeigt, dass es funktioniert. Wir freuen uns sehr! Ich möchte mich schon jetzt bei Ihnen bedanken. Wir haben uns in der ganzen Zeit bei Ihnen und Ihrem ganzen Team sehr wohl gefühlt! Sie als Ärztin und Mensch besitzen ein wunderbare Mischung aus einer Herzlichkeit und einer Professionalität, die uns von Anfang an gefallen und überzeugt hat! Vielen Dank für alles (schon jetzt, egal was noch passiert) an Sie und Ihr Team. Insbesondere Terezie hat uns über die letzten Wochen so wunderbar betreut, und auch wenn wir sie nie kennengelernt haben war sie immer da. Und Sie wissen ja wie mein Mann und ich sein können mit unseren vielen Fragen ;) Also, ein großes Lob auch an Terezie. Herzliche Grüße nach Prag

Liebe Frau Cervena,

ich hatte am Dienstag meinen Ultraschall. Mein Frauenarzt meint, die Entwicklung ist sehr gut und zeitgerecht. Mein Baby ist jetzt 3,5 cm groß + Beine und sieht schon ein bisschen wie ein Mini-Mensch aus! Ich könnte vor Rührung jedes Mal heulen, wenn ich den Ultraschall sehe :) Herzfrequenz ist auch gut... Vielen vielen Dank an alle!!! D.

Liebe Terezie,

ganz besonders möchte ich mich bei ihnen bedanken. Die Kommunikation mit ihnen lief immer super. Meine Fragen wurden immer ganz schnell und gut beantwortet. Ich finde sie machen ihren Job grossartig. Ein grosses Dankeschön an sie. Liebe Grüsse Ch.

Liebe Terezie,

Sie sind so lieb! Ihre guten Wünsche sind erhört worden :)))).Wir können es noch gar nicht fassen. Der Bluttest heute war positiv :))))! Mein HCG liegt bei 1.639. Wir sind völlig aus dem Häuschen und können unser Glück noch gar nicht glauben :). Wir hoffen so, dass alles so toll weiter läuft...:) Danke fürs Daumen drücken und für alles,was Sie für uns getan haben, Sie sind so eine sympathischer und herzlicher Mensch! Vielen Dank noch mal für alle die Unterstützung in den letzten Wochen. A.


Gertrud und Erna sind am geboren. Die Schwangerschaft verlief vorbildlich. Mutter und Kindern geht es jetzt gut. Alle Untersuchungen bis heute ohne Auffälligkeiten. Nach langem Suchen und Besuch einiger IVF Zentren in Karlsbad und Prag haben wir uns richtig für Sie entschieden. In dem sehr modernen, fachlich und menschlich kompetentem Zentrum haben wir uns immer sehr gut betreut gefühlt. Jetzt sind wir sehr glücklich, Dank Ihnen, zwei gesunde Mädchen zu haben, und möchten uns noch einmal beim IVF Cube Team bedanken für alles! Viele liebe Grüße bitte besonders auch an Frau Dr. Hana Visnova! Liebe Grüße Helene, Curt und Gertrud & Erna

Sehr geehrte Frau Dr. Visnova, sehr geehrtes Team von IVF Cube,

just wanted to convey our appreciation that the result of the treatment at your clinic now seems to have borne fruit - my wife is now in her 6th month of pregnancy and all looks well. We are especially pleased because we have had several unsuccessful attempts at other clinics and the expert attention at your clinic really seems to have made a difference. I have summarized my impressions in a review at this site http://www.eggdonationfriends.com/clinics/ivf-cube-prague/ feel free to convey our appreciation to Dr. Hana and the rest of the team. Best regards, Lars Yde & Jeanette Gersager, Denmark

Liebes IVF Cube Team,

wir freuen uns Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass am 5. Januar 2014 unser Sohn P. gesund und munter das Licht der Welt erblickt hat. Er wog 3.250g, war 49 cm gross und der Kopfumfang betrug 39 cm. Seither wächst und gedeiht er prächtig und hat einen mehr als guten Hunger! Ihnen allen und vor allem Frau Dr. Visnova gilt unser allerherzlichster Dank dafür, dass Sie dieses Wunder ermöglicht haben. Viele Grüsse aus Frankfurt P., P. und S.

Liebe Frau Dr. Visnova Liebe Terezie,

Heute morgen war ich bei meinem Arzt, 1. Ultraschall…und jaaa da ist etwas ganz kleines J in der Gebärmutter. Mein Arzt hat nur für 2-3 Sekunden Ultraschall gemacht um das kleine Menschlein nicht unnötig den Gefahren des Ultraschalls auszusetzen… In 2 Wochen können wir dann mehr sehen. Dann sehen wir auch das Herzlein schlagen beim nächsten Mal…Wir sind überglücklich und sind Ihnen und Ihrem Team soooo dankbar. Vielen lieben Dank von mir und von meinem Mann Dankeee Yupppiiieee J Familie W.

Liebe Frau Cervena,

Auf diesem Wege möchte ich und mein Mann uns herzlich bei Fr. Dr. Visnova , bei Ihnen und dem gesammten Team ivf-Cube herzlich bedanken. Wir sind glücklich und werden Ihre Klinik mit gutem Herzen weiterempfehlen. Liebe Grüße, Laura und Patrick M.

Liebes IVF Cube Team,

Wir möchten uns noch herzlich für die Super tolle und herzliche Betreuung bei Ihnen bedanken wir haben uns sehr wohl gefühlt und würden sie egal wie es bei uns ausgeht, (wir hoffen natürlich auf das kleine positive Wunder) weiterempfehlen. Vielen Dank. Wir bedanken und noch einmal bei dem ganzen Team von Cube und vor allem Bei Frau Doktor Visnova für die sehr gute Arbeit. Vielen Herzlichen Dank, wir sind soo unendlich Glücklich. Ganz liebe Grüße aus Deutschland K und M

Liebe Terezie,

so habe ich jetzt auch endlich die Gelegenheit, mich bei Ihnen und Ihrem ganzen Team recht herzlich für die liebevolle Betreuung zu bedanken.Ich bin mit Zwillingen schwanger geworden, die dann am 16.02.2013 per Kaiserschnitt geboren wurden.Sie sind beide gesund und wir sind sehr, sehr glücklich. Ganz lieben Dank für alles!! C.

Liebe Fr. Dr. Visnova, liebe Frau Bacova, liebe Frau Cervena,

lieber spät als nie, was diese Email angeht (denn plötzlich wurde Zeit zu einem Luxusgut) und eher früher als erwartet, was unseren Nachwuchs angeht, gibt es jetzt endlich eine Email von uns :-) Nachdem der offizielle Kaiserschnitttermin auf den 20.10.13 festgelegt war, hatten wir uns darauf eingestellt und waren am 16.10.13 entsprechend überrascht, als es beim Kontrollschall plötzlich hieß 'oh, die Versorgung ist nicht mehr optimal - die 2 holen wir jetzt'. Ganze 1,5 Stunden später waren wir Eltern und seitdem haben wir einen Fütter-, Wickel-, Spül- und Waschmarathon und gewinnen - nur sehr langsam - die Oberhand :-) Wir möchten uns ganz, ganz herzlich bei Ihnen bedanken - für die Möglichkeit, die uns mit der Eizellspende gegeben wurde und für die stets prompte und immer nette Betreuung & Hilfe durch Ihr gesamtes Team. Wir haben uns bei Ihnen sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt und haben gleich doppeltes Glück gehabt! Mit bestem Dank B. und M.

Hallo Fr. Cervena,

wir wollten uns noch einmal bedanken für ihre tolle Betreuung bisher. Mir und den 2 Blastozyten geht es sehr gut. Und ganz ganz lieben Dank für ihre super tolle Betreuung. Das ist ja in unsrer Situation so wichtig gewesen zu wissen dass wir sehr kompetent betreut werden. Und alles lief so unkompliziert und reibungslos ab. DANKE an alle in ihrem Team. Gruß M. Dietz

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