Why us?

Why therapy at IVF CUBE? Our priority is to maintain an individual approach with each patient and provide the best possible medical care in a family environment at our modern clinic. We have excellent results, no waiting lists and emergency contact 24 hours a day. For more information see below.

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Kumulativní úspěšnost

We pride ourselves on excellent results that we consistently meet every year. The cumulative success rate, i.e. reaching pregnancy after a single egg collection (after one or more embryotransfers within one therapy), in egg donation programme is currently more than 84%.  


We understand that undergoing therapy abroad might be stressful and challenging. That is why there is a personal treatment coordinator assigned to every patient from the start of the treatment process. You can call or send an email to your treatment coordinator and they will answer promptly. We are open from Monday to Friday and sometimes also on Saturday. In urgent cases outside of working hours, patients can contact the doctor currently on call.


The head specialists at our clinic are distinguished for their experience in the field of reproductive medicine. The Head Director, Hana Visnova, MD, Ph.D., has been practicing reproductive medicine since 1997 and the Head Director of the embryological laboratory, Dr. Renata Huttelova, Ph.D., since 1994. They have both received experience from the Czech Republic and abroad.

Minimální čekací doba

Our patients will appreciate the very short waiting period for the initial consultation and no waiting list for the treatment, including therapy with egg donation. You are able to start immediately, it only depends on your menstrual cycle. Additionally, patients undergoing IVF with egg donation will need to syncronise their cycles with that of the donor´s, which usually takes a few weeks.

Moderní klinika

In 2016, our clinic was awarded "Healthcare Facility of the Year“. We are committed to caring for our patients  compassionately in a technologically cutting edge and clean environment, using the latest advances in clinical research.

Egg donation is a variation of artificial fertilisation using eggs donated by an anonymous donor. This solution is particularly suitable for women whose ovaries are no longer functional for various reasons or whose own eggs are incapable of fertilisation, as well as for women whose own eggs carry an increased risk of genetic birth defects. With a database of more than 700 healthy donors, the selection is conducted by a consultant, based on a questionnaire completed by the recipient and her partner, in order to maximise the compatibility of phenotypic parameters. 

Darovaná vajíčka

One of the benefits of IVF treatment with egg donation at our clinic are the guarantees it comes with. These are at least 8 eggs received from the donor and, in the case of a normal result of the partner´s sperm analysis, at least 2 embryos in the blastocyst stage. Importantly, the minimum guarantees are in most cases exceeded.


Our treatment coordinators speak fluent English, German, French and Italian and are happy to assist you anytime you need. They will guide you througout the whole process from the first contact. They are able to answer all of your questions and they also provide pre-consultations for our patients. Feel free to contact them on coordinator@ivf-cube.eu.


Our goal is to ensure an individual approach towards each couple, which is why we always try to ensure that the same doctor deals with the patients from their first consultation. This allows the doctors to get to know their patients very well and it is easier for the couples to build confidence, which is so important during the process of infertility treatment.

Jeden doktor

Situated in central Europe, Prague is easily accessible by plane. You can reach us from London Stanstead, London Luton, London Gatwick, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dublin airport.  All flights take about 2 – 2.5 hours.


Our clinic IVF CUBE is located in Prague 6, just 15 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from the city centre. You can either take public transport or a taxi (or our driver can be arranged upon request). Should you arrive by car, you can easily park in the large car park available at the clinic.


Prices (without medication) stated in the price list are complete and you don´t need to be worried about additional costs related to the treatment. To be able to ensure the best result possible, all IVF treatments are provided within a package that includes:  egg collection, egg fertilisation using the ICSI method, prolonged cultivation until the 5th day, assisted hatching, embryotransfer and the vitrification and storage of the remaining embryos for one year.

Žádné skryté poplatky

At our clinic you do not pay any deposit prior to starting the treatment. All costs are covered on the day of egg collection or embryotransfer by cash, credit card or bank transfer.

No depozitd

Since its opening, IVF CUBE clinic has regularly participated in many international studies focused on treating infertility. Through this work we are contributing to the overall development of the field of assisted reproduction. However, at the moment, only Czech patients can participate these studies.




Egg Donation